Our Courses and Training Programs

As part of the courses, lectures and our different trainings, we have activities outside of Israel, and bring other countries new tools and expertise of the NLP world, allowing different institutes to contribute added value to their patients and clients.

Our teaching method has been developed by us for more than 20 years where we teach NLP and guided imagery in Israel. We have learned a lot from our students, improved and upgraded our learning materials and instruction methods, and created a unique method that is known worldwide for its quality.

The most important components in our unique method:

  1. Teaching materials exceptionally developed, which exist only at Retter College.
  2. Unique methods and learning processes.
  3. A fascinating learning experience full of new discoveries.
  4. Close accompaniment and a caring family atmosphere.

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Our Courses and Training Programs:

1. Specialization in treating children and youth, using NLP (6 days, Mon-Sat)

The curriculum for the first part – Guiding children and youth

This part is devoted to learning specific tools and processes for understanding of children and youth and working with them.

We will discuss the following topics in detail:

  • How to create a trust relationship with children and how to talk to them in a way so they will agree and be happy to cooperate.
  • How children think and act and how to translate the tools of NLP into a language children will understand.
  • How to use visual aids like puppets, costumes, stockings, paintings, sculptures, games, stories and cards. Identifying challenges children are faced with and reaching their subconscious.
  • How to work with children on “the timeline”.
  • How to redesign thoughts, beliefs and self-esteem.
  • How to deal with children’s fears, anxiety and phobias.
  • How to creatively translate known NLP processes in order to work especially for children.
  • Learn more about adolescence and its unique treatment.

The curriculum for the second part – Guiding children with ADHD

Children with ADHD are challenged not only due to difficulties in school, but time and time again tend to become the “problematic child” in pre-school, school and even at home. They often suffer social difficulties too. Children with ADHD tend to create automatic negative thoughts about themselves. Therefore, their self-image is usually low and the social experiences they undergo create a circle of pain, it is very difficult to escape this circle without proper tools.

This part of the training will be dedicated to the unique understanding of attention deficit disorders and the treatment of children who suffer from them.

The issues that we will be discussed:

  • What types of disorders are included in the term “ADHD”.
  • Logical degrees to examine the experience of those with disorders.
  • Typical targets for the treatment of ADHD – and planning the treatment process for them.
  • How to turn a child’s “circle of failure” into a “circle of success”.
  • How to organize the brain and improve memory.
  • How to deal with automatic negative thoughts and replace them with strong encouraging internal speech.
  • How to create a correction for children’s painful experiences.
  • How to create an “internal advocate” to help your child express himself and defend himself.
  • How to use stories, tales and metaphors.
  • How to deal with procrastination, impulsiveness, afraid of exams, and fear of success or failure.
  • Learning strategies and more.
  • We’ll also learn to guide parents whose children (and possibly themselves as well) have ADHD.
2. Master Practitioner Program TLTTM on behalf of TLTTM Association(4 days).

The TLTTM method, developed by Ted and Andrea James lets you take tools of NLP and arrange them in a special way which allows solving problems (even difficult ones) in a single day. This special day is called “Breakthrough Session”  and in order to reach it, particular preparation are needed to be made. In a short and focused seminar we teach exactly how to do it and achieve phenomenal results.

3. NLP Trainer's Training - the profound course and most applicable for lecturers, instructors, workshops organizers, and teachers of NLP (14 days)
  • Gaining confidence and tools for standing in front of an audience.
  • Learning how to build workshops in diverse and interesting way.
  • Discovering and realizing your vision in the world of NLP.
  • Learning the secrets of group instruction (including handling objections).
  • Learning how to teach NLP processes groups.
  • Developing creativity and starting to create diverse workshops independently.
  • Gaining personal and professional guidance for the first steps of guiding groups.
  • Opening the possibility to learn NLP Practitioner and authorizing the levels of “Practitioner” and “Master Practitioner”.
4. NLP for couple therapy (2 days)

Tools of NLP can also be used to treat couple communication problems. Amir and Daphne Retter, a couple together for three decades, have accumulated knowledge and experience for counseling couples using NLP.
In a short two-day seminar, the foundations of the method and NLP processes are taught and can be learned simultaneously by both spouses.

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